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2016 High Efficiency Palm Oil Chain And Deforestation Supplier(Iso)

  • palm oil action plan - pepsico.com

    Palm Oil Action Plan - pepsico.com

    Palm oil is a key area of focus. PepsiCo is a significant buyer of palm oil and, as a result, has a complex global supply chain that encompasses dozens of suppliers, more than 1,500 mills and tens of thousands of farms and plantations that produce palm fruit. We recognize and share the concerns of our stakeholders about the

  • 3 ways sustainable supply chains can build better business

    3 ways sustainable supply chains can build better business

    The Commodities and Forests Agenda 2020, summarizes the areas in which the most urgent action is needed to eliminate deforestation from global agricultural supply chains. The Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 i s gaining ground on tackling deforestation linked to the production of four commodities: palm oil, beef, soy, and pulp and paper.

  • diantur jatmiko - responsible sourcing specialist - nepcon

    Diantur Jatmiko - Responsible Sourcing Specialist - NEPCon

    * Promote No Deforestation, Peat and Exploitation (NDPE) to all TFT member and its supply chain in Indonesia * Increase awareness of sustainable palm oil practices to stakeholder, palm oil producer, small holder and planter * Develop and maintain palm oil supply chain data base from buyers to Fresh Fruit Bunch suppliers

  • palm oil traceability: blockchain meets supply chain

    Palm Oil traceability: Blockchain meets supply chain

    production of palm oil, 2016). Deforestation can be particularly seen in Indonesia and Malaysia, which are the biggest Due to the opaque nature of the palm oil supply chain, regulators, as well as customers have been the steps in the chain” ISO 9000 “The ability to trace the history, application or

  • choosing sustainable palm oil


    2 The palm oil sustainability challenge 10 2.1 Sustainability initiatives in the palm oil supply chain 3 Sustainable Palm Oil in Europe 16 3.1 Imports of palm oil into Europe 3.2 Sustainable palm oil in Europe 4 Belgium 20 4.1 Introducing the national initiative 4.2 Activities 4.3 Progress

  • mcdonald's and l'oréal join cdp's zero-deforestation

    McDonald's and L'Oréal join CDP's zero-deforestation

    ISO 16745: First global standard for measuring carbon footprint of buildings; Panda solar farms and self-charging cars: the best green innovations of the week; Sustainability will distinguish leading businesses in next decade, survey finds; Unilever suspends sourcing from Indonesian palm oil supplier amid deforestation allegations

  • the chain: bunge's sustainability-linked loan pegged to

    The Chain: Bunge's Sustainability-Linked Loan Pegged to

    These involve cutting greenhouse gas emissions with improved industrial efficiency; increased traceability on its agricultural commodity supply chains; and increased sustainable practices for soy and palm oil. Bunge, as one of the largest agriculture commodity traders, is a major global player in both palm oil and soy, with Brazilian soy as its

  • china dialogue

    China Dialogue

    CDP's new report, The Hidden Commodity: how China's palm oil imports can help halt deforestation reveals that, globally 146 firms report they used palm oil directly in 2019, or that it was used in their supply chains. Of these, 63% (92 firms) identified forest-related risks with the potential to have a substantive financial or strategic

  • climate change | engage the chain

    Climate Change | Engage the Chain

    An Investor Guide on Agricultural Supply Chain Risk. Commodity BRIEFS ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL ISSUES Investor Guide to Deforestation and Climate Change. Climate Change. Deforestation and Land Use Change. Land Rights. Soil Health and Biodiversity. Water Use and Pollution. despite both efficiency improvements and dietary changes.

  • zero deforestation initiatives and their impacts on

    Zero deforestation initiatives and their impacts on

    deforestation from their supply chains. Companies have long been working to integrate supply chains, not only with a view to improving procurement efficiency but also to enhance environmental and social impacts, for example through responsible sourcing and green supply chains [4]. Similarly,

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