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Palm Kernel Oil Expeller

Palm Kernel Oil Expeller

Palm kernel oil is a kind of vegetable oil that is high in saturated fats. It is obtained from the kernel of oil plant. Palm kernel oil contains slightly more unsaturated acid than...

Palm kernel oil is a kind of vegetable oil that is high in saturated fats. It is obtained from the kernel of oil plant. Palm kernel oil contains slightly more unsaturated acid than coconut oil, so its iodine value is higher. Fresh palm kernel oil can be eaten directly. Palm kernel oil can also be separated into solids and liquids by crystallization and pressing. The fat can be used to substitute cocoa butter, and the liquid oil is used for baking food, hydrogenating or soap making. Palm kernel oil has no special color reaction. (Relate Post: Palm Kernel Oil Business Plant >>)

palm kernel oil and palm fruit - Palm Kernel Oil Expeller
Palm Kernel Oil

Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Process

Generally, Palm Kernel Oil Extraction involves several steps, including palm kernel shell and nut separation, palm kernel selection, palm kernel cracking, palm kernel pressing, crude palm kernel oil filtration and palm kernel oil storage. In fact, palm kernel expeller is the most suitable oil extraction methods for palm kernel oil. It can greatly improve the oil output rate and oil extraction efficiency. At the same time, it demands less investment. Therefore, it is really ideal for palm kernel oil extraction.

palm kernel oil extraction process - Palm Kernel Oil Expeller
Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Flow Chart

Palm Kernel Expeller Machine for Sales – Factory Price

Palm kernel expeller machines are widely used to extract oil from palm kernel. To meet different palm kernel oil production capacity, we provide three main types of expeller machines, including small screw presscombined press expeller and large press machine. Alll the palm kernel oil expeller machine designed by Lingfine Machinery are screw type oil expeller press that is suitable for small and medium scale palm kernel oil production.

  • Small Palm Kernel Oil Press

Small palm kernel oil expeller is designed for small farmers, small palm kernel oil production factory for family use or business use. Small palm kernel oil expeller is easy to operate, small in size and at cheap price. Therefore, it is the hot sale palm kernel oil processing machines in Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, India, Cameroon, etc.

palm kernel oil expeller - Palm Kernel Oil Expeller
  • Automatic Palm Kernel Oil Expeller

Automatic palm kernel oil expeller is also know as integrated oil press machine. It is designed with oil filter machine and heating system, so the pressed palm kernel oil can be directly remove the organice impurities by the filter device. It is also the favorite palm kernel oil processing machines by farmers, small scale business investors, small palm kernel oil processing plant.

palm kernel oil expeller 1 - Palm Kernel Oil Expeller
  • Large Palm Kernel Oil Expeller Press

Large palm kernel oil expeller is specially designed for the large scale palm kernel oil production plant due to its large capacity. It has continuous and automatic oil processing performance. It is also the BEST choice for Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Plant for the pre-pressing.Large Palm Kernel Oil Press

palm kernel oil expeller 2 - Palm Kernel Oil Expeller

Besides, we also provide complete palm kernel oil production lines, from Mini Palm Oil Mill Plant to large oil processing factory. With more than 20 years experiences in this sector, we are expertise in palm kernel oil production. If you have any questions about our palm kernel oil expeller machine, please contact us directly to get the free quotation, technical parameters, project report, etc.

Why Choose Lingfine Machinery Palm kernel Oil Expeller Machines

If you haven’t used our expeller machines or you don’t have clear understand about our machine, you may have some questions about it. How about its working performance? What’s its best features? Here, we will analyze our expeller machines from different aspects.

  • Price & Quality

Our palm kernel machines are definitely the most cost effective machines in oil making industries. As the leading manufacturer and supplier in China, we continuously improve our manufacturing technology to meet the demand of development and provide efficient and automatic expeller machines. Every set of our product should be went through careful inspections, so there almost no repairs of our machines. In a word, only at Lingfine Machinery, you can enjoy the wholesale price and premium quality.

  • Guidance & Service

As we all know, the oil output rate is mainly determined by the quality of palm kernel and the operating skills. We boast professional specialists to offer detailed technical guidance. In addition, our after-sales service will help you solve all problems.

If you are looking for an ideal expeller machine to start your palm kernel oil production business, you are very welcomed to contact us for more detailed information.

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